of Willabelle Maine Coon Cattery
Well my cat endeavor started in the spring of 1984 when I talked to a
lady at a local cat shelter looking for a female mitten toe, better
known as a polydactyl. As I already had a male and thought I had
something special and wanted to breed them. She quickly corrected
me and scolded me about reproducing unregistered cats, and that
Polys were not all that rare. Then she began to tell me about a
registered breed she was currently breeding called a Maine Coon.
She invited me over to see her cats, so over I went- love at first site!
Then she invited me to my first cat show spring of 1984, I was 20 years
old and newly wed. On our way home after the show she informed me
that she didn’t breed much but had some young adults available,
hence came our first male a brown mac "CH Lanterns Dandy Mocka
Mocho", our first girl "Lanterns Candy Tuff" a tortie and "Lanterns
Calamityjane" a brown patch tabby. No longer in Maine Coons she just
celebrated her 90th birthday on Halloween thank you Ruth Lane of
Lantern Cattery for a very special start.

Well we had the show bug and were off! We next met a grand lady and
her husband the late Ruth Morris and her husband Bob of Nephrani
Cattery the friendship grew very quickly they came to visit, stayed a
few days and decided to have a few outcross kittens when I bred my
first litter. So in the spring of 1984 Steve Miller and family established
"Willabelle Cattery" with CFA. The name Willabelle stemming from my
grandfather and grandmothers names combined.

The spring of 1985 my first litter was born which included a solid black
male called "Willabelle’s Carbon Copy", who Nephrani Cattery spoke
for immediately. When they came to pick him and a female kitten up,
they brought me two Nephrani females, and much to my surprise
grand champion "Nephrani Dallas" a son of their first
grand champion "Ciamaine of Nephrani".

Next we met the late Dick Frantz and his wife Mary Jane of Franmar
Cattery. Another quick friendship developed, still in contact to this
day with Mary Jane, thank you so much for your friendship and the
type and quality the Franmar bloodline brought into our cattery.

Next my dear Kay Sukeeforth of Kitcor Cattery we traded cats back
and forth and really helped each other out. Probably the most famous
cats for me was a red and white cat that Kay got. Topping
the CFF best Maine Coon award in 1989 "Willabelle’s Grand Slam
Sam",  thank you Kay for everything.